still browsin’

It’s been pretty quiet on the browser for a few months, but the break’s not permanent.  This project is a volunteer, solo effort, and after a year+ and 50+ shows (most podcast, some live and lost) I took a vacation, which turned into a few months, which constitutes a “break”.

Anyway, now feels like a good time to get back out there and talk to folks, so that’s the plan.  I decided going forward I would detach from doing a weekly regular program.  It’s just not the pace I want to maintain, and I don’t want to squat in a good time-slot and not deliver every week.  Fortunately, the Radiator crew is letting me broadcast where I can find the time-slots, so expect the show to bounce around.  Of course, you can eventually hear the shows here at this site.

The show returns very soon with a big guest.  Big.  Very big.  We’re talking #BTV Social Media royalty.

Follow me, @jonathanpb, on Twitter for the time & date of the next show (and the posting of the latest podcast) and listen for the_browser on 105.9fm The Radiator in Burlington, Vermont.

Thanks to everyone who asked what’s up during the show’s absence, and thanks to everyone who listens.