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You’ve all read invitations and announcements that said “in lieu of gifts, please make a donation to such-and-such charity.”  No doubt, you’ve been to a party and seen the piles of gifts (plus wrapping paper) that seem like they are destined for a landfill rather than someone’s shelf of treasured keepsakes.  And you’ve probably participated in a group gift for a special occasion (wedding, anniversary, retirement) or a serious need (support with medical bills or help after a disaster).

That’s where Inlu comes in: group gift-giving with an eye towards reducing waste.

My guests on the_browser are Monica Ostby and Jamaica Jenkins, co-founders of Inlu, the “eco-savvy group gift and event planning tool.”  Of course, much more about Inlu at, on Facebook, and on Twitter.  The ladies behind Inlu stop by to talk about group gift-giving and the eco-inspiration behind the business.

Listen to Monica and Jamaica Wednesday, June 30 (Burlington Social Media Day!) on the_browser on 105.9fm womm-lp The Radiator in Burlington, VT, and streaming online at