next on the_browser :: random roundtable

Tonight, old friends of the show David Farré, of the Burlington Free Press, and Jason Pelletier, of Found Line, stop by for internet chat, music, and miscellaneous.  I’m sure we’ll talk about gadgets, software, headlines, and other miscellaneous things related to the online goings-on here in Burlington & Vermont.

Are you around 215 College St?  Stop by and join us on-air.  Why not?  You’re the community in “Community Radio”.

Listen at 6pm on 105.9fm womm-lp in #BTV and online at


audio wins, audio fails :: podcast updates

First, the fails.  I had a great discussion with Mike Hayes of Magic Hat the week before their recent Twitter Pub Crawl.  Unfortunately, my recording of that live show failed, and I didn’t have a back up, so that convo is lost.  It’s a bummer, too, because it was a great show.

Then, I met with Anna Palmer of winwinapps and, due to the mic I used and the noise in the space, the audio quality isn’t great.  I considered not podcasting it, but I had a few requests for the audio so I decided to go with it.  My apologies to Anna for the poor audio; we’ll have her back on the show down the road.  Here’s the audio, in a semi win/fail:

Now, the audio wins.  Mercifully, I corrected those technical issues for my next interviews.  I met with John Canning of the to talk about their recent initiative Tapping Tech:

Last week, Bridget Butler was the guest, on a live show, to talk about the Voices For The Lake Project:

Thanks to everyone who takes time to chat on the_browser.  I’ll do my best to make sure I don’t lose another minute of it.

next on the_browser :: Voices For The Lake

Voices for the Lake Manager Bridget Butler stops by for a live discussion about the new Voices website,  If you’re familiar with the project you already know that Voices is one of the cooler local projects around, intersecting the online with the offline, social media with traditional media, all in service of Lake Champlain.

Learn more about Bridget Butler on Twitter and by listening to her tonight on the_browser on 105.9fm womm-lp and streaming at