next on the_browser :: Google Fiber?

Google is looking for municipalities to partner with to provide internet service at 1 Gigabit/Sec.  They put out a Request For Information (RFI), soliticing information from any/all towns interested in partnering.

Last week, Burlington organized a public forum/work session to solicit feedback and contributions from the local community.  Courtesy of CCTV, we’ll hear excerpts from that public meeting, specifically the public Q&A session where citizens asked the organizing committee questions about Google, the proposal, and the process.

Thanks to The Center for Media & Democracy for covering this event and sharing this content under a Creative Commons license.

See “Public Meeting on Potential Google Partnership for Burlington Telecom” at and listen tonight at 6pm on


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Public Radio web guy, Boston native, Burlington VT based.

3 Responses to next on the_browser :: Google Fiber?

  1. Chip Hart says:

    Is there an understanding of what any of us plain ol’ citizens can do to encourage Google to consider us? I’m not aware of the negative implications of such a relationship, but they sure seem to represent a Deus Ex Machina solution to the BT issue here in town.

  2. jonathanpb says:


    Check out (courtesy of @BradleyHolt). It looks like some of the pro-Google folks are gathering and coordinating their efforts.

    If you hear of any anti-Groups, I’d like to know about those, too.


  3. Chip Hart says:

    …I knew you’d have it.


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