next on the_browser :: local live music

We’re taking it easy tonight on the_browser.  It’s an all music show, featuring local live performances from the Vermont Live Music archive.  If you’re not familiar with Vermont Live Music and the work Jonah Schulte is doing, listen tonight for a sample and check out


next on the_browser :: pete jewett

My next guest on the_browser is Pete Jewett, local web guy and organizer behind the site  Pete joins to talk about why he supports the Google Fiber In Burlington project, why he started the site, and what he wants you to do to help support the initiative.

You can hear the_browser Weds at 6pm on 105.9fm WOMM-LP The Radiator in Burlington, VT and streaming online at

podcast update :: August First & Kesha Ram

Two overdue podcast updates:  my interviews with Jodi Whalen of August First and Vermont State Representative Kesha Ram.

August First:

Kesha Ram:

next on the_browser :: Google Fiber?

Google is looking for municipalities to partner with to provide internet service at 1 Gigabit/Sec.  They put out a Request For Information (RFI), soliticing information from any/all towns interested in partnering.

Last week, Burlington organized a public forum/work session to solicit feedback and contributions from the local community.  Courtesy of CCTV, we’ll hear excerpts from that public meeting, specifically the public Q&A session where citizens asked the organizing committee questions about Google, the proposal, and the process.

Thanks to The Center for Media & Democracy for covering this event and sharing this content under a Creative Commons license.

See “Public Meeting on Potential Google Partnership for Burlington Telecom” at and listen tonight at 6pm on

next on the_browser :: Vermont State Rep. Kesha Ram

The next guest on the_browser is Vermont State Representative Kesha Ram, Democrat from Burlington.  Kesha stops by to talk about her use of Social Media both in her campaign for office and, now, in office as she engages with constituents.  She also talks about some of her work to create clean/green jobs and how “high-tech jobs are green jobs and green jobs are high-tech jobs”.  She also speaks a bit about her role as a new member of the Joint Legislative Information Technology Committee.

Listen to my chat with Rep. Kesha Ram at 6pm on 105.9fm WOMM-LP The