next on /the_browser :: david farré

My guest on the browser this week is David Farré, web developer for the Burlington Free Press.  David was on the show back in September, but that was an all-music visit as David (a former DJ) stopped by to spin discs for the hour.  Well, we said then that he’d be back to talk web stuff (the actual point of /the_browser) and so he’s back tonight.  We’ll talk about web development, online journalism, the BFP, etc., but we’ll definitely mix in a generous amount of music.

Listen tonight at 6pm on

Looking for MORE Free Press?  President & Publisher Brad Robertson was a guest way back in April.  Listen to that interview here.


pas de navigateur ce soir

There’s no browser tonight.  Enjoy the Vermont Music Library, Surf Ramen, or whatever fills the air.

Back next week.

on the browser :: rebroadcast of lauren-glenn davitian

Tonight, a rebroadcast of my interview with Lauren Glenn-Davitian of CCTVOriginal broadcast and audio here.