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Allow me to deflate your anticipation: this program is not about the questions regarding Burlington Telecom’s financing.  While I think that’s a legitimate topic of discussion, it’s not the angle of this show.

Rather, this is more of a BTV Telecom 101.  Chris Burns gives me the tour of the facility, explains how it all flows and how it all works, and answers a few questions about connectivity in Burlington & VT.  If you’re familiar with the inner workings of a telecom, it’s probably all stuff you’ve heard before.  If you have no idea where the internet comes from or how your favorite cable shows get to your TV, it’s worth a listen.

Warning: it gets technical at points as Chris explains the operation using the necessary vocabulary and lingo of the trade.  I’m sure you can hear me cluelessly nodding at times, so even if you don’t know all the terms, just listen and you’ll get the gist.

Also, a few necessary disclaimers:

Burlington Telecom is a sponsor of The Radiator.  There’s no secret there: I read their underwriting spot every show.

Chris Burns, my guest this week, was totally open to chatting.  He didn’t try to restrict the conversation in anyway.  I didn’t ask about the news of the week because, again, it’s just not what I wanted to talk about, and there are many smart professionals covering that story.  This is a show about what’s online, and I wanted to talk about the plumbing that is the internet.

Why meet with BTV-T and not with Comcast or FairPoint?  No reason.  I’d love to meet with them, too.  If you’re from either of those orgs, or if you have any suggestions for guests or topics for the show, contact me: my gmail and Twitter are both JonathanPB.

It’s overly technical!  It’s not newsworthy!  It’s dry!  It’s the browser!  Wednesday at 6pm on 105.9fm on The, Burlington Vermont’s community access radio station.



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