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In 8 days On Monday 10/26 the Vermont 3.0 Innovation Jam takes place in Burlington, Vt., BTV.  It’s the latest in the Vermont 3.0 series but this time the emphasis is on innovation and networking, rather than career-fairing.

My guests this week on the browser are Cathy Resmer of 7 Days and Cari Kelley of the Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce.  They’re stopping by the studio for a live chat about the Innovation Jam – what it’s about, what to expect, how to participate.  You get the idea.

Are you going to the Jam?  Are you going to speak or to represent an organization?  If so, come on by The Radiator and promote your group.  You can tell us why you’re going to be there and get the word out to folks who might be interested in meeting you.  If you’re one of these Vermont 3.0 presenters or exhibitors, stop by the studio Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm and join us on the browser.  If you plan on stopping by, let me know on Twitter or gmail (it’s the same as my Twitter handle).

The Vermont 3.0 Innovation Jam happens at the Sheraton from 10a to 6p on Monday 10/26 and admission is FREE.  The browser happens Wednesday at 6pm on 105.9fm in BTV and online at


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