next on the browser :: jazz with david farre

My guest on the browser is Burlington Free Press Web Developer David Farré.  But don’t tune in expecting two local media web guys to talk web stuff.  Not this time, anyway.  Instead, David’s going to stop by the studio and spin some jazz.

Maybe next time he pops by we’ll talk about the changes in the media landscape, specifically as it relates to the internet, blah blah blah.  But tonight, we’re more likely to let Ella, Coltrane, or Miles do the talking.

Jazz, tonight on the browser.  6pm on 105.9fm in Burlington VT or streaming online at


the browser :: podcast catch up

Episode 27 :: Professor Ann DeMarle, the Director of Champlain College’s Emergent Media Center.

Episode 26 :: Joe Mescher (aka the Social Media Commando).

Episode 25 :: Bob Bolyard of the House of LeMay.

Episode 24 :: Jonathan Wilson and Nick Szumowski of local agency Brandthropology.

Episode 23 :: Jonah Schulte of Vermont Live Music.  This podcast just contains the conversation with Jonah: to hear the music we talk about, and everything Jonah’s recording, visit

My apologies in advance because some of the audio for the live programs is admittedly not that great.  I’ve made some upgrades to my audio tools so hopefully the next live show will sound a lot better when it’s podcast.

Thanks for listening.  Jonathan

next on the browser :: anne demarle

Ann DeMarle, the Director of the Emergent Media Center at Champlain College, is the guest on the browser Wednesday, September 23, 2009.  Listen at 6pm on 105.9fm in Burlington, VT or stream online at


tonight on the browser :: joe mescher

Tonight on the browser Joe Mescher, the self-described Social Media Commando, stops by for a live chat.  He’ll give us an update on the Video Resume Project and from there I’m sure the conversation will dovetail into all things social media.

Listen LIVE at 6pm on 105.9fm WOMM-LP The Radiator in Burlington, VT, or stream online at