tonight, a re-browser :: bridget butler

Tonight, a rebroadcast of my interview with Voices for the Lake Manager Bridget Butler!

Listen right now online, or at 6pm tonight on 105.9fm in Burlington, VT or streaming online at


episode 22 :: Thought Faucet and Found Line

My guests in this episode are Gahlord Dewald of Thought Faucet and Bradley Holt and Jason Pelletier of Found Line.

This was recorded live on-air* and we just, sortof, organically drifted from topic to topic.  We talked about the semantic web, linked data, HTML5, and even suggested some names you may want to look up (e.g. Tim Berners-Lee or Stephen Wolfram).  If this is the first time you’ve heard of any of these topics, or if you’re well versed, hopefully you’ll still enjoy the chat and maybe learn something.

If you’ve heard all this before and didn’t learn a thing you should join the chat and help carry it forward! (email me at thebrowser1059 at gmail)

Thanks for listening!

* Sorry, but the levels and audio quality aren’t great as I’m still figuring out the best way to record the live shows.  I’m working on it, though.

speakin’ of slackin’…

I’m on vacation this week, so there’s no browser tonight.

But there will be more podcast catchup.  My chat with Dean Evans was posted last week.  My live chat with Thought Faucet and Found Line is uploading as we speak, so to speak.

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browsin’, slackin’

July was definitely a semi-slacker month for the podcast.  While I think we had some great shows this summer and there hasn’t been much slacking on-air, I have been more than lame when it comes to updating the podcast.

I’ll try to do better and update the podcast more quickly.  But I also know that this whole project has to sync with the rhythm of the rest of my life, and that rhythm varies.

And now, it’s catch up time.  It begins with my afore-published interview with Dean Evans, CMO of  It continues with the upcoming podcast of the Live Roundtable and my interviews with Jonah Schulte, Brandthropology, and The House of LeMay’s Bob Bolyard.

Your feedback and comments are most welcome and encouraged.  Thanks for listening.

thebrowser1059 at gmail.

episode 21 :: dean evans of

My guest in this program is Dean Evans, Chief Marketing Officer from  This program broadcast a few weeks ago.

If you’re curious who & what is, or if you’re wondering what a CMO does everyday, or if you want to hear a successful executive expound on the state of his market/industry, OR… if you really just want to know what’s up with that bus, listen:

next on the browser :: the House of LeMay

Join me on the browser when my guest is Bob Bolyard, creator of the House of LeMay, and winner of the 2009 Seven Days Daysie Award for Best Blog (Non-Political).

As LeMay are the reigning Queens of the Vermont Blogosphere, we’ll definitely talk about the blog,  But the ladies of LeMay are so much more – live performers, movie stars, and ambassadors of the community – and we’ll talk about all of it Wedsnesday at 6pm on the browser.

Listen on 105.9fm The Radiator in Burlington, Vermont, or stream online at


tonight on the browser :: brandthropology

Tonight on the browser I sit down with Jonathan Wilson and Nick Szumowski of local agency Brandthropology.  Listen at 6pm tonight on 105.9fm in Burlington, Vermont, or stream online at and get to know more local folks in the online and marketing space.

Want to get a fun idea of what they mean by “brandthropology”?  Play this game.