tonight on the browser :: chris middings of seventh generation

My guest on the browser tonight is Chris Middings, web editor for Seventh Generation.  Chris and I discuss what he’s working on, how 7th Gen uses social media to engage their ‘nation’, and much more, of course a couple things not worth mentioning*.

That’s tonight at 6pm on 105.9fm in Burlington, Vermont, or online from anywhere at

*UPDATE: Per @gahlord’s comment on Twitter today, Chris Middings and I will discuss some other stuff not worth mentioning, rather than “much more”.  Although, I will note I did used 1 much, not 2.  From Gahlord, “Best copywriting tip I’ve read today: Nobody with an IQ higher than room temperature believes that there is ‘much, much more.’ @garrons, maybe copywriters should replace ‘much much more’ with ‘a couple things not worth mentioning.’ 😉


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Public Radio web guy, Boston native, Burlington VT based.

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