episode 20 :: jackie stukey

My guest in the program is Jackie Stukey of Tag New Media.

UPDATE: In the program, Jackie mentions work that she and Tag New Media did for the Trapp Family Lodge.  Here is the “Sound of Music”-singing-goat they received:


episode 19 :: the browser Live

Weds June 17 was the first live episode of the browser.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a recording of it.  I want to thank my guests, of course.  Shay Totten of 7 Days stopped by to talk about the Iranian elections and the use of social media by the protesters.  Joe Mescher stopped by to talk about online video and his project to help out-of-work Vermonters create video resumes.

Thanks Shay and Joe.  Next time we do a live show I’ll make sure we get a recording.

episode 18 :: lauren-glenn davitian

My guest in this program is Lauren-Glenn Davitian of CCTV’s Center for Media & Democracy.

episode 17 :: chris middings

My guest is this program is Chris Middings, Web Editor for Seventh Generation.

next on the browser :: jackie stukey

Listen to the browser Wednesday June 24, at 6pm for my interview Jackie Stukey, Art Director for Tag New Media.  We talk about her role as Art Director, a recent Tag project for vontrappfamily.com trappfamily.com, and, of course, her thoughts on social media.

Listen at 6pm on 105.9fm in Burlington, VT or online at TheRadiator.org.

the browser LIVE

Wednesday June 17 the browser goes LIVE for the first time ever.  Shay Totten of 7 Days will join us in the first segment for an update on what’s going on in Iran and how Twitter is fueling the developments.  Then we’re joined by Joe Mescher to talk about all things video online.

Listen to the first live browser at 6pm on 105.9fm in Burlington, Vermont or online at theradiator.org.

tonight on the browser :: lauren-glenn davitian

My guest tonight on the browser is Lauren-Glenn Davitian, Founder & Executive Director of CCTV Center for Media and Democracy.

Listen at 6pm on 105.9fm The Radiator in Burlington, Vermont or stream online at theradiator.org.