tonight on the browser :: Voices for the Lake

My guest tonight is Bridget Butler, manager of the Voices for the Lake social media project at the ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center at the Leahy Center for Lake Champlain.

Bridget and her colleagues are developing and unfolding this long-term, multi-tiered, multi-platform social media project all to foster stewardship of Lake Champlain.  We talk about the genesis of the project, the various pieces, what’s going on and coming up, and all that stuff.  We also talk to Bridget about how her use of social media has evolved both in her work at ECHO and her other interests (@birddiva).

Anyone involved with or curious about social media should tune in.  If you know your stuff, you’ll be interested to hear about all the tentacles this project has for gathering input from folks with stories (kiosks, web interfaces, Bridget going out and getting stories, etc.).  If you are curious about social media, you’ll be interested to hear how a “non-techie” bird enthusiast is using these tools to achieve a great goal (the aforementioned stewardship of Lake Champlain) and innovating as she goes.

My chat with Bridget Butler tonight on the browser, 6pm on 105.9fm in Burlington, VT and streamed live at  Thanks for listening.


no browser tonight… enjoy the sun

I’m out of town all day and won’t make it back to Burlington in time for the show, so I am taking my first week off.  We’re back next week with new interviews and all that.

Check back here and follow me on Twitter at jonathanpb.  Thanks for listening!

tonight on the browser :: mitch lieberman

Tonight on the browser my guest is Mitch Liberman, SugarCRM guy and adjunct professor at Champlain College.

Listen at 6pm on 105.9fm in Burlington, VT or online from anywhere at