episode 12 :: dr. elaine young

My guest this program of the browser is Dr. Elaine Young, associate professor of marketing and e-business at Champlain College.

Dr. Young:


tonight on the browser :: justin cutroni

Tonight on the browser my guest is Justin Cutroni of EpikOne.com.  You can learn a lot more about, and from, Justin at his blog http://www.epikone.com/blog/  

Listen on 105.9fm womm-lp in Burlington, Vermont, or listen online at theradiator.org!

tonight on the browser :: dr. elaine young

My guest this evening on the browser is Dr. Elaine Young, professor of marketing and e-business at Champlain College.  We discuss what “e-biz” means in 2009, how she advises her students to learn and use social media, and we discuss some of the hot topic case studies of recent weeks – specifically, the Skittles social media site, the Amazon gay/adult content fail, and Domino’s Pizza YouTube brouhaha.

That’s all at 6pm tonight on the browser.  Listen on 105.9fm in Burlington, Vermont, or anywhere in the world via online stream at theradiator.org.

episode 11 :: andrea learned

My guest in this program is Andrea Learned, Burlington-based writer, speaker, blogger, and author on ‘marketing to women’… and men, and people. In this interview we talk a lot about how people buy, how that’s evolving and the forces causing that evolution, and what marketers of all types – online, offline, to men, to women, etc. – can learn from it.

You can learn more about Andrea at learnedonwomen.com or see here speak at the upcoming Vermont Businesses for Social Responsibility Conference.

Thanks again to Andrea for joining me on the show.  Here’s Andrea Learned:

episode 10 :: brad robertson

My interview with Brad Robertson, President and Publisher of the Burlington Free Press. This was added to the podcast a few days ago, but I hadn’t posted about it here. The best place to find the audio is the podcast, and the place to find the podcast is in the right column of this blog.

Anyway, thanks again to Brad for a great conversation. We touched on the state of the newspaper industry, the recent disruption brought on by technology, and what that means for the Burlington Free Press.

Brad Robertson:

tonight on the browser :: andrea learned

Tonight on the browser – right now, in fact – my guest is Burlington-based author, speaker, blogger, and thinker on marketing to women Andrea Learned.  You can read Andrea’s blog, find her on Twitter, or check out her book.

Or listen right now on 105.9fm in Burlington, Vermont, or at theradiator.org.

episode 9 :: cathy resmer

My interview with 7 Days Associate Publisher Cathy Resmer.  We talk about her evolution from poetry writer, publisher, and organizer into her current role at 7 Days… where she writes, publishes, and organizes (and more).  Of course, we talk a lot about 7 Days and how they use social media to connect with their audience.  And more.