episode 5 :: rich nadworny

My interview with Rich Nadworny.


About jonathanpb
Public Radio web guy, Boston native, Burlington VT based.

2 Responses to episode 5 :: rich nadworny

  1. John Boone says:

    Minor technical note on this: as I’m listening, I noticed that periodically there’d be a “dit dit dit dit” sound. I have heard that before from my co-worker’s desk speakers when he left his cell phone too close and it received an incoming ring…

    Not sure if that is the cause here, but it’s something I thought worth pointing out.

    Regardless of that, this is an interesting conversation as always. Thanks!

  2. jonathanpb says:


    Thanks for the tip, and the feedback, and for listening!

    Yeah, I am admittedly new at this so I honestly welcome the feedback. Fortunately for me, I work with some audio maestros in my day job (at VPR: Chris Albertine, Sam Sanders, Asa Sourdiffe) so I have the benefit of asking for the occasional pointer or 2.

    I hope to improve over time. Of course, the best feedback comes from anyone who listens.



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