episode 8 :: matthew weier o’phinney

My interview with Zend Framework Software Architect Matthew Weier O’Phinney.  We talk about the evolution of PHP, the Zend Framework, working remotely in Vermont, and the digital footprint as new resume.


episode 7 :: gahlord dewald

My interview with Gahlord Dewald, Director of Web Strategy for Union Street Media:

next on the browswer :: weier o’phinney

Things have been slow here at the browser.  What can I say, it happens that way.  But let’s get back to it.

My interview with Gahlord Dewald of Union Street Media will be published asap.  Standby for that.

My guest tomorrow, March 25, is Matthew Weier O’Phinney, Software Architect for Zend Framework.  For you technical architects and programmers – this program is for you.

Listen Weds 3/25 at 6pm on 105.9fm the Radiator in Burlington, VT.

episode 6 :: michael wood-lewis

My interview with Michael Wood-Lewis of the Front Porch Forum.

episode 5 :: rich nadworny

My interview with Rich Nadworny.

next on the browser: michael wood-lewis

My guest on the browser Weds, March 11 is Michael Wood-Lewis of the Front Porch Forum.

Listen on 105.9fm the Radiator in Burlington, Vermont.  I hope the online stream is restored by Weds.  You can find out if it’s back online (or throw something in the PayPal tip jar if it isn’t) at theRadiator.org.

Online audio of my last interview, with Rich Nadworny, coming soon.

next on the browser :: rich nadworny

This week on the browser is local marketing strategist Rich Nadworny.  You can check out Rich’s latest venture Digalicious and his most recent VPR Commentaries.