I haven’t disclosed my off-air relationships/connections with my guests thus far because, frankly, I hadn’t really thought about it.  It’s part of just making this up learning this as I go along.  But I think in the interest of full disclosure it makes sense that I point out professional and other relationships when it’s relevant.

I know Bradley and Jason of Found Line and David Gibson of Propeller Media Works from my day job – I currently work with both of those agencies in my role at Vermont Public Radio.  I asked them on the show because I think they do good work and have interesting things to talk about, and they’re doing it in 05401.

This is Burlington.  There are only a couple of degrees of separation so many of us will already know each other.  And that’s good.  I know my first guest, Ed Shepard, via a social connection.  Etc.

I’ll do my best to seek out guests outside my regular networks, in all walks, from all angles.  And I’ll be conscientious of when I should disclose any prior connections.  I hope you’ll call me out when I drop the ball.

suggestions / thebrowser1059 at gmail.


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Public Radio web guy, Boston native, Burlington VT based.

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