It’s fun to find out what your voice really sounds like…

Actually, no, it isn’t. Not for me, anyway. Being on-air was never a goal or interest of mine and doing my own air-checks (i.e. listening to myself) was not a thrill. I can now sympathize with actors who say they never watch their own movies. Anyway…

Every aspect of the show will get better with your feedback – including the host. I don’t think I’ll ever be a polished, mellifluous, radio professional, and that’s not really my goal. I want to sound on-air the same way I sound off-air, so there are some things that won’t change: I’ll sometimes say um, there might be some long pauses, I’ll probably sound gay (literally, not the pejorative), etc.

But if you’ve got feedback that will help improve the program – even, or especially, if the thing that needs improving is the host – send me an email, or say hello if you see me around town.

thebrowser1059 at gmail dot com.

The title of this post is from this vintage commercial from Boston’s Museum of Science. There is a generation of people who grew up near Boston in the 70s and 80s for whom, if you say “I can walk like a penguin”, you will dislodge something very familiar buried deep in their memories.


“I can walk like a penguin” is from this ad for the New England Aquarium – same style, same era, same cobweb in my subconscious.


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Public Radio web guy, Boston native, Burlington VT based.

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