a word on the browser

I decided to create this show for lots of reasons. I work in public radio from the online angle but I don’t really know much about making radio programming, so I took on this project to learn more about that – creating audio content, editing, operating a board, promoting – all of it.

I’m also relatively new to Burlington, Vermont. I moved to Vermont from Boston in early 2007 and only moved to downtown Burlington in April 2008. I’m more than a flatlander: I’m a newbie. So, I wanted to use this program as a vehicle to seek out the other web professionals, academics, students, thinkers, dabblers, and hobbyists and find out what’s going on in BTV.

My approach for this show has been to just hit the ground running. From idea to airwaves it was just a few weeks, and anyone who listened to the first broadcast knows there are some kinks to work out. I made all the rookie mistakes in the broadcasting booth; I could use some serious pointers on recording and editing audio (luckily, I know some pros I can ask); and even the website is just a default-template hodge-podge of tools I am kicking around and testing. But I decided to just get going and improve over time rather than succumb to my procrastinator instincts: I didn’t want to look up in August 09 and think “I really should work on that website for that show I think I want to do…”.

It’ll get better over time and your feedback is key. If you have ideas, criticisms, topic/guest suggestions, whatever – I’m all ears. Email me at thebrowser1059 at gmail dot com.

Thanks for listening.



About jonathanpb
Public Radio web guy, Boston native, Burlington VT based.

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